AMS Plastics is latest addition in the SPINNER GROUP formed in year 2016 and is involved in the manufacturing of PET Sheet and its associated downstream products that are utilized using state of the art Robotic High Speed Injection Machines, Extrusion, Thermoforming, Vacuum forming and Printing machines. This project focuses on the need for Bakery, Deli and Grocery items and is currently producing multiple items namely Plastic Food Containers, Cups, Glasses, Lids, Bowls, Caps & Closures, Plastic Sheet, Bakery & Deli Items, Plastic Meet Trays, Biscuit & Swiss Roll Trays, Plastic Jars and Plates E.T.C. Because the group already has strong establishment in the Disposable Food Packaging market via the chain of Nation-wide Distributors, Retiailers and corporate customers and is already selling all above mentioned items to different Renowned Customers Like Kolson Foods, Seasons Foods, Gourmet Foods, Hyperstar Superstore, Cakes & Bakes, Volks Foods, SM Foods Metro, e.t.c.


The Group’s Capabilities & Experience cover Plastics, Textiles, Ginning & oil’s including Poly cotton, M.M yarn, Carpet Yarn, Acrylic Tops, Fibers and Telecommunication products.

Our Initiative in different fields has met phenomenal recognition & success. Starting from 1975. It has taken us a few decades to master a wide range of aforesaid products and fields.

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